Research Interests

  • Long-term evolution of coastal areas through monitoring and modeling
  • Modeling subsidence and induced seismicity over onshore/offshore exploited gas fields and underground gas storage reservoirs
  • Inverse modeling through Bayesian-based approaches
Installation of the NEC stations in the Lagoon of Venice (October 2021) to monitor shallow subsidence and compaction during the nourishment of a tidal salt marsh.
A field loading test carried out in July 2021 to test the compressibility of the sediments underlying a tidal salt marsh in the central part of the Venice Lagoon.
Numerical simulation of the evolution of the Mekong delta through the NATSUB2D code (Zoccarato et al., 2018). The figure shows the evolution of the finite element mesh with the number of triangular elements in each temporal interval. The mesh size increases in time to account for deposition. The age of the grid elements is highlighted by colors.